This is a short description of how the New Covenant Fellowship started and advanced.

In the beginning of 1988 there started a prayer and Bible study group in the house of an English speaking family (fam. Dale) in Riehen/Switzerland.

With time the group grew bigger and the desire came to step out of the house to have open meetings. The beginning of the official church was in early 1989. It met in a building rented from Hausgemeinde (now called Regiogemeinde) on Wasserstelzenweg in Riehen.

In the beginning the meetings were held in the afternoon, but after awhile morning meetings were introduced.

Since then a lot has happened. We have moved several times. We were in the buildings of YMCA, the Reform Church and the Apostolic Church (Bewegung Plus, with their roots in the revival in Wales).
Now, since many years we gather in the PRISMA building in Riehen. A wonderful place, full with life!

We have had 10th of thousands of people passing through this little church during these years. It has been an enormous blessing for us and for the visitors who have come, stayed and moved on. It has also been encouraging to see the core group developing and growing in maturity.